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The Academy

Welcome to SASS Cosmetology & Skill Academy

This specialized school was established in 2014 and issued a Business Registration Certificate with license N0. 811037737 to train young Gambians in diverse cosmetology skills. Our mission is to promote excellence through the use of diversified teaching curricula, alongside practical and proactive hands-on learning approaches. SASS is NAQAA Certified.

In June 2009, Mrs. Adam Touray-Bah returned home from the U.K to establish SASS Health & Beauty specialized in the sales of high quality health and beauty products from all around the world. SASS has since then grown in popularity as one of the top Cosmetics boutiques in The Gambia which locally produces its own 100% Organic Health and Beauty products such as Coconut Butter,  Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Avocado Butter and SASS Secret Oils.